Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BlogPost:How to use this blog

Update:ScreenVideoPlayer1.2 is available - 02/25/2008

Update: ScreenVideoPlayer1.1 is now available - 02/19/2008

As mentioned before, the purpose of this blog is to make screencasts more searchable. So there are two ways to use this blog - first you could use the search box to search this blog for keywords you might be looking for in the screencasts which have been transcribed.

Second, you might wish to download the ScreenVideoPlayer, which helps you watch these screencasts and provides indexing and bookmarking features, besides allowing you to search inside the transcript of a screencast. An earlier post discusses how to use the ScreenVideoPlayer. Some screenshots of the ScreenVideoPlayer can be found here.

See this post if you are wondering why this process should be so involved.

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